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4D VR Navigation

Fuzor lets you navigate your active 4D construction simulation in VR. Play through your sequence and explore. You can also pause or adjust the simulation speed to more closely examine different aspects of scheduled installations. This can also be used in conjunction with Scale Mode.

Fuzor is the only program that lets you actively explore your 4D sequence in VR. Exploring your 4D sequence in VR helps you more closely relate to and better understand the build sequence since it is similar to how you would see the build process while on a site walk. It also aids in constructability and sequence review process by letting you see potential issues from a fist person / laborer's perspective that may not be visible from the traditional third-person 4D perspective. This also helps clients to better understand the 4D build sequence, sepecially the parts that may not be visibly active as the project goes up. When used in conjunction with Scale Mode, this helps to provide a maneuverable overview of your project's 4D scope.

By exploring your 4D sequence in VR, you can review your build sequences and proactively plan for and resolve potential conflicts or issues. The following are some examples:

  •   This first example involves site safety. Lets say you have a pit that does not yet have the structural members and decking installed in your schedule. The danger may not be clearly visible from a 4D animation render. However, from the first person this is clearly a fall hazard. By exploring in VR, not only can you see the hazard, but using our VR design tools you can place fencing or hazard markers in VR to quickly resolve or mitigate this health and safety issue.
  •   A second example involves large diameter pipe installation. The build sequence my call for certain structural members to be installed before installing the pipe. This may block your pipe-work from being flown in, making installation unfeasable and causing severe delays. From the classic third-person overview this may not be noticeable. However in first person VR this can be more easily seen from the laborer's perspective.
  •   One final example is site logistics. Using Scale Mode, you may notice that another part of your project is going up concurrently that you have not yet simulated equipment for. However, your site traffic is still required to use the same access point.