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How to Use 5D Function in Fuzor  XML
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Before starting, you would need to have a schedule in 4D Simulation.
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- How to load a MS Project schedule
- How to load a P6 Primavera schedule
- How to load a Asta schedule
- How to load a CSV schedule

Method 1: Add Cost through Resources and Content Library
I. Add Material Costs
Step 1: Check the box “Automatic Category Resources” under Resources in 4D Simulation

Step 2: Enter the Unit Price for the Categories

You can switch the method of measurement between Volume and Quantity by clicking and and switch the cost between “Material” and “Labour” by clicking and . Please note the only one of the costs can be saved in resources. (either material or labour cost can be saved.)

Step 3: Check the box “Automatically Fill in Cost Fields” to fill the cost into the schedule

Step 4: Click “Yes” to fill the cost

The Material Cost are filled

II. Add Labour Costs
Step 1: Click “New” to create a new category for resources

Step 2: Double click to edit the name of the resource

Step 3: Click to change the unit cost from material cost to labour cost

Step 4: Enter the unit price per hour

Step 5: Enter the total hours for the category

Step 6: Click under Resources to open the Task Resources box

Step 7: Click “Add” to add a new cost

Step 8: Click the row for the Labour cost and click “Add”

Step 9: Click “Close” to close the Task Resource box after adding the cost*

* You can double click to edit the hours per day for the task

Step 10: Open “Settings” and check the box “auto Fill Duration”

The labour cost for the task is added and calculated.


A: Edit Total Cost
When this box is checked, you can manually edit the total cost. Otherwise, the total cost column would be locked

B: New
Create new category for the resources. This is for the resources that do not have models in the project, for example, labour cost and formwork

C: Delete
Delete the category (Categories that are automatically created cannot be deleted)

D: Export PDF
Export Resource to PDF

E: Export CSV
Export Resource to CSV

F: Tasks in the category
When the name of category is clicked, the tasks in the category will be shown under Resource Tasks

G: Delete
Delete the tasks in the category*

* The resources tasks can also be edited by clicking for each task under Resource in the schedule. (Refer to step 9-12)

A: Add
Add resource to the task

B: Close
Close the Task Resources box

C: Remove
Remove resource from the task

Export PDF / CSV of Resources

Step 1: Click “Export PDF” / “Export CSV” under Resources

Step 2: Enter the file name and click “Save to save the file

III. Add Cost of Equipment and Vehicle
Step 1: Open menu and click “Content Library”

Step 2:
i – Search the name of the equipment / vehicle
ii – Enter the Hourly Rate of the equipment / vehicle

The Equipment Cost is added automatically.

Method 2: Add the costs through CSV

Step 1: Right click on the EquipmentCost: P” column and click “MapColumn: EquipmentCostPlanned”

Step 2: Click “Load CSV”*

* The cost column would be replaced by the data in the CSV file. Please make sure that the order of the tasks in Fuzor are the same as the order in the CSV file before loading the CSV.

Step 3: Open the CSV file

Step 4: Click the drop down box and choose the column name for the planned equipment cost in the CSV. Click “Apply”

The equipment cost is added.

Step 5: Repeat step 1 and 4 for the other cost columns to fill in the costs for the tasks

Exclude some tasks from the Cost Graph
Step 1: Click “Graph” to view the cost graph

Step 2: Click “Timeline” to view the schedule

Step 3: Uncheck the box of the task you would like to exclude under “5D”

Step 4: Click “Graph” .

The unchecked tasks are removed from the cost graph

In Fly Through Mode, the graph can be added by checking the box “Toggle Graph” under Construction

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