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How to create a 4D video  XML
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Kalloc Studios

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How to Create a 4D Video

Watch the Youtube Video Here

Step 1: Click Menu

Step 2: Click “Fly Through”

Step 3: Select “Construction”

Step 4: Drag the timeline to Day 0

Step 5: Click the frame
Note: Each frame is one second

Step 6: Click the camera icon to capture a picture

Step 7: Click another frame

Step 8: Drag the timeline

Step 9: Click the camera icon to capture another picture

Retaking a frame
Step 1: Click the icon next to the trash bin to retake the picture

Delete a frame
Step 1: Click a frame and click the trash bin to delete the frame

Capture a frame with exact date and time
Step 1: Click the schedule icon to edit the date and time

Step 2: Enter the date and time you want to capture and click “OK”

Step 3: Click the camera icon

Adjust the time between two frames
Step 1: Select “Scene Effects”

Step 2: Select “Move Following Nodes as a Group”

Step 3: Drag a frame to move its position
Note: The following frames will move to keep the same distance

Use Cut-node
Step 1: Select “Construction”

Step 2: Change the timeline

Step 3: Click the icon of “Add Cut-note”

Step 4: Click the right side of the frame

Step 5: Move the camera to another location

Step 6: Capture a picture

Preview the video
Step 1: After capturing all the frames, return to the beginning of the video by dragging the blue arrow to the left.

Step 2: Click the “Play” button to preview

Title and Schedule
Step 1: Show the date in the video by checking “Show Date”

Step 2: Show the day of Construction by selecting “Show Progress”

Step 3: Change text color by clicking the palette, choose a color and click “OK.” The text box may be moved to any location on the screen.

Step 4: Change text format by clicking the box next to the color palette, select Font, Font style, Size and Script, then press “OK”

Step 5: Show task table by selecting “Show Task”

Step 6: Show cost graph by selecting “Toggle Graph”

Step 7: Show task list by selecting “Show Task List”

Step 8: Compare planned and actual sequence by selecting Planned vs Actual

Step 9: Show progress by selecting “Toggle Progress”
Fit: The timeline will show the whole period of the construction

Year: The timeline will show the months of the year the camera is showing

Month: The timeline will show the days of the month the camera is showing

Week: The timeline will show the number of the week the camera is showing

Save the movie path
Step 1: Click “Save”

Step 2: Name the file

The video will be saved as a .fmp file format. Load this back into the same file to resume video editing by clicking “Open” in Fly Through.

To view the path in VR, load into “Interactive VR” to view the movie in VR and press the space bar to play.

Render a 4D video
Step 1: Click “Render”

Step 2: Adjust the quality, anti-aliasing, resolution and aspect ration and click “Save”
Note: The higher quality anti-aliasing is chosen, the longer the video will take to render. Recommended value for anti-aliasing is 4x.

Step 3:Name the video and click “OK” to save

Step 4: Click “OK” after rendering

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