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How to create pedestrian paths  XML
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Kalloc Studios

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Creating an entourage path
Types of paths
  • Blank path allows users to create a path and add selected pedestrians onto it.

  • Autospawned path allows users to create a path with random pedestrians on it.

  • Note: User will still have to assign pedestrians to the newly created path.

    Note: Randomization and Stagger can be adjusted for pedestrians using the sliders shown below. These sliders can only be adjusted for "Auto Spawn" paths.
    Randomization and Stagger sliders are used to simulate real life movement of people.

    Types of Entourage
    Note: For this tutorial I will only be using pedestrian paths

    Adding a pedestrian path

    Step 1: Choose type of path(I chose Blank)

    Step 2: Click "Create Path" button

    Step 3: Use your cursor and click points on the ground to create your path.

    Step 4: Press "ESC" to complete the path.

    Step 5: Click on the thumbnail of the pedestrian to chose it.

    Step 6: Hover pedestrian over the desired path.
    Note: Path will turn red to indicate the pedestrian will be placed on this path.

    Step 7: Left click to confirm placement of pedestrian on the path.

    Note: Path visibility can be turned on and off by checking/unchecking the box shown below.

    The image below demonstartes the visibility of the path turned off.

    Manually Adding pedestrians to a path
    Step 1: Select the pedestrian

    Step 2: Notice the drop down menu is set to none
    Step 3: Click the arrow

    Step 4: Available paths appear in the drop down menu

    Step 5: Select a path

    Step 6: Click Finish

    Editing a placed pedestrian
    Step 1: Select pedestrian

    Animation: This drop down menu can change the animation of the pedestrian(Walk/Idle/Sit)
    Metabolic rate: This slider can be adjusted to make the pedestrian walk slower or faster.
    NPC Height: This slider can be adjusted to change the height of the pedestrian
    Motion Type: User can choose for pedestrian on a path to respawn at start or loop the path using the buttons shown below.

    Moving a path
    Step 1: Click on a point in the path(represented by pink squares)
    Note: Notice that the square turns yellow to indicate the path that is selected.

    Step 2: Click the "Move Path" button

    Note: Notice that the Gizmo appears

    Step 3: Use the Gizmo to move the point to a new position.

    Step 4: Click the "Finish" button on the refit UI.

    Now the entourages will follow the new path.

    Deleting a path
    Step 1: Click a pink point on a path

    Step 2: Click on the "Delete Path" under Entourage Settings.

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