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Kalloc Studios

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Fuzor 2020

How to Select Structural Columns by Using Visibility Override (Selection Tree)

How to load FBX or Sketchup model to a particular XYZ coordinate in Fuzor

How to Create a Selection Set

How to Adjust Pivot Point

How to move, rotate and scale object with multi-window

VR with XBOX controller


How to Create a Path for the vehicle to move

How to adjust turning radius on vehicle

How to use "Drop Avatar" feature

How to Use Free-Camera Control

How to Use Avatar Control

How to use View Cube

How to use Minimap


How to Change the Date Format for 4D

How to access and change hot keys in Fuzor

How to Enable Level of Detail

How to Use Advance Graphic Settings

How to Adjust the Intensity of Shadow

How to Edit Shortcut Keys

Render Modes

How to Change the Render Mode

How to use light visulaization render mode

How to Adjust the Tonemap

Time/ Weather

How to Change Time of Day

How to Change Weather

How to Change Sky Type

How to use Fuzor Sun Study

Virtual Reality

How to use Oculus with Fuzor

How to use Windows Mixed Reality with Fuzor

How to use HTC Vive in VR

How to use XBOX Controller in VR

How to change render modes in Oculus Rift

How to utilize Presence Mapper

VR Control: Oculus Rift , HTC Vive , Windows Mixed Reality


How to use Family Placement to add objects to files

How to use Refit

How to use refit physics for family placement

How to add FBX file to Fuzor family placement

How to use Fuzor Design Options

How to use Animation

How to enable auto door animation

How to use projected media

How to Load and Remove Panoramic Image

How to Add Water, Fire and Smoke to your project 


How to use Caption/Measurement Tools on Cinematics

How to Focus on an object in Cinematic

How to render a high quality video in Fly Through

How to use Cinematic VR mode

Materials and Textures

How to change materials in Fuzor

How to apply Mirror reflectivity in Fuzor

How to make emissives glow in Fuzor

Fuzor/Revit Interaction

How to Synchronize Revit Files to Fuzor and Save a cache file

How to sync back changes to Revit

How to use Revit color filters on Fuzor

How to use Split Face to display a solitary image

How to add Revit family objects to Fuzor

How to Update Revit Model to Fuzor

How to use Revit Decals on Fuzor

Analysis and Safety

How to use Multiple Cut Planes in Cross-Section Mode

How to use Height Clearance

How to use Safety Clearance

How to use View Analysis

How to use Clash Analysis

How to Edit the Parameters in Element Properties

How to use new clash transparency and wireframe


How to export an executable viewer

How to use Peer-to-Peer Collaboration

How to use Fuzor Collaboration Viewer


How to use Annotation System

How to use 2D lines

4D / 5D

How to load a MS Project schedule

How to load a P6 Primavera schedule

How to load a Asta schedule

How to load a CSV schedule

How to change task type by using Fuzor CSV

How to automatically assign objects to tasks

How to select Task Types

How to manually select multiple objects

How to use box selection

How to use split geometry

How to Add, Remove and Clear Objects in Tasks

How to edit animation of tasks

How to edit Staging task

How to use a lifting truck to grab and release objects

How to Copy and Apply Vehicle Animations

How to make a 4D video

How to change the Date Format for 4D

How to Highlight Filtered objects

How to use Object Filter

How to Modify the Predecessor and Successor

How to Update the schedule in 4D simulation

How to Use "Find Task"

How to Use 5D Function in Fuzor"

How to Ignore Vehicle Collisions

How to Add moving construction workers to the schedule

How to Use Filter

How to Use “All Instance” and “All Type Cur Level” in 4D simulation

How to Check Object Volume

How to Show Filter Legend in Video

How to Change the Fuzor Logo on workers, equipment and vehicles to your company’s logo

How to Hide and Show Objects

How to edit columns of the schedule in 4D simulation

How to Change the Highlighted Color of Tasks


HoloLens User Manual

How to Place a local FZL into HoloLens

HoloLens Multi-user collaboration

Trigger and Sequence Animation

How to Resize the Custom Dialog in Trigger

How to use Sequence Animation- Explosion Diagram

How to create video for sequence animation

How to Add Sequence Animation to the schedule in 4D Simulation

How to Add Sound for a CD Player

How to Pop up a Dialog Box when the Avatar Moves Towards an object

How to use Particle Effect in Event Trigger

Fuzor Mobile

How to Give User Permissions to Create Issue Trackers

How to Create and Upload a Local Mobile File (.fzm)

How to Use OneDrive to upload and download Fuzor mobile file to Fuzor App

Snapshot and Visibility Override

How to use Saved Camera Views

How to use transparency and color override on any BIM object

How to save cut-planes, color override and measurements in snapshot views

How to use cropped views

Trees and Content Library

How to Update your library from version 2019 to 2020

How to change the location for the Fuzor Content Library

How to have shared library in multiple account on the same computer

How to access a shared content library

How to download the content library (before Fuzor 2020 (version

How to place foliage efficiently with path placement

How to use advanced foliage settings

How to use the Foliage Placement Feature

How to change seasons for trees

How to snap foliage to terrain

How to Record from Driver's View

Avatar Options and Entourage Placement

How to use avatar height adjustments

How to use Entourage Placement

How to change pedestrian height

Work Sharing
*requires Fuzor Private Work Sharing Collaboration server

How to Create and Upload for Work Sharing

How to Join, Upload, Download and Merge Changes

How to use Admin functionalities

How to Upload Mobile File to Server

How to Delete a Project

Real-Time Collaboration Using Work Sharing Server
*requires Fuzor Private Work Sharing Collaboration server

How to Create and Host for Real-Time Collaboration

How to Join, Upload, Download and Merge Changes for Real-Time Collaboration

How to Find and Open Files for Real-Time Collaboration in Work Sharing


How to Change Unit for Measurement

How to use measurements tools

How to use automatic measurement

How to use 2D Spacial Measurements


How to use Point to Point- Split Geometry

Plug-in in Rhino 5

How to open Fuzor from ArchiCAD

How to load a cache file

How to clear the existing che and load a new one

How to use the Network License Portal

How to use borrowed network licenses

How to use the Grid

How to choose starting position for cache file

How to use Sketchup files on Fuzor

How to use Navisworks plugin

How to load point cloud files into Fuzor

How to climb a ladder

The Difference between Merge and Append

How to do batch export of Naviswork files

How to show gridline

How To Append Two Che Files

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