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Point Cloud Support

Point cloud data supports the design process by providing a real-world context scan in which designers can recreate referenced objects or insert additional models. Fuzor lets you directly drop in your PTS and FARO point cloud files as well as combine them with your project model for design, analysis, and validation purposes. Additionally, Fuzor can triangulate your point cloud data to create a polygonal object that can be interacted with.

Fuzor makes your point cloud files navigable both alone and in conjunction with additional project files. This makes site coordination easier and lets you validate your design against real world circumstances. Point clouds can also be viewed in VR and saved into a viewer for distribution.

Fuzor's point cloud integration has been used by our clients for many purposes. Our construction clients use point cloud integration to compare their project against their existing site conditions. Others including general contractors and architects have used it as a contextual model. We also have a firm that utilizes Fuzor's point cloud integration in conjunction with our CCTV capabilities to test and determine their security video feed coverage.