Network License Server Manager

This page will give you a quick overview of what the network license server is, and how to install it. For a more in depth look at the network license server you can view the PDF manual here.

A network license is designed to allow multiple users access to Fuzor using the same product key on different machines. There can only be one user of the product key at a time (there are product keys that allow multiple machines at the same time but for this example we will ignore those keys). The product keys are managed on a network server that handles the distribution, authentication and removal of keys. If there are no keys available, users will not be allowed to launch Fuzor. New users will be able to install Fuzor using the network license server even if there are no available keys.

 Network License Manual


Quick Network Server Installation Instructions

1. Once the file has been downloaded, move the zip file to the location you would like to act as the install directory for the server. Unzip the files there. In this example I created a folder called "NetworkLicense" on my E:/ drive and unzipped the network installer in that folder.

2. Find the install.bat file and run it. You will know when the install is complete when you see "Press any key to continue . . ." printed in the console.

3. Run "NetworkLicenseServerController.exe". This will open a GUI to assist in controlling the network license server.

4. Press the "Connect" button. This will connect the GUI with the server.

5. Enter your license key into the "License Key Text Box" and click the "Add" button. This will check the authentication of the key. If the key passes this process it will be added to the product key section.

6. You should now have an active network license server running with a key. Now install your downloaded version of Fuzor.


Quick Network Fuzor Installation Instructions

1. Download the latest version of Fuzor

2. Launch the Fuzor Setup Wizard

3. Click the "Next" button on the first Setup Wizard page to start the install

4. Read and accept the License and Service Agreement then click "Next"

5.Select "Use a network license". Now in the Network License Server Text Box enter the network server IP, then a ":", followed by the network license server license port (the default is 45180). Then click next.

6. This will run the installation. When the installation is finished click the "Finish" button. You should now be able to launch Fuzor (if there are available keys on the network server).