Fuzor currently offers two types of licensing: standalone license and network licensing. This page will break down the different versions to assist users in making the correct decision when purchasing a license.

Standalone License

A standalone license grants the right to install and run Fuzor on only one machine. This license is not transferable to any other machine. The right to install on a different machine may be granted on a case-by-case basis by contacting support, and is intended only for users who have upgraded, repaired, or replaced their machines.

  • The following use-cases would use a Standard License:

  •  Individuals who work from home.
  •  Small businesses which share a single computer for work.
  •  Professionals who consistently use the same computer for work.

Network License

Network licenses are designed for medium to large businesses or professional who uses multiple computers which need a more flexible licensing scheme. A network license can be used by any machine on the network, and is only in use while Fuzor is being used by a machine. When Fuzor is closed, the license is returned to the network, and can be used by a different machine. Using a Network License requires a constant connection to a Network License Server on the network or constant, stable internet connection if using the Network license portal.

  • The following use-cases would benefit from a Network License:

  •  A large business has 30 employees who use Fuzor for about half of their day. The business can purchase a number of Network Licenses, and all 30 employees can use Fuzor concurrenty up to the number of licenses available on the network.
  •  A university wants to allow the use of Fuzor in one of their open computer labs with 40 computers, but expects the lab to only be at half-capacity most of the time. The university can purchase 20 network licenses, and any of the lab computers can run Fuzor, as long as only 20 students would need to run Fuzor simultaneously.
  •  An individual switches between using Fuzor on their laptop and desktop. A single network license could be used to allow Fuzor to run on both the laptop and desktop, as long as only one is running Fuzor at any given time. However, both the laptop and desktop must be on the same network (or VPN) as the Network License Server while running Fuzor.