Environmental and Context Controls

Sun Study and Weather Simulation

Fuzor provides Sun Study and Weather Simulation controls. These can be utilized for both visual effect and for validation purposes. Sunlight can be adjusted for location, date, and time of day to accurately simulate actual sunlight conditions. Weather can be adjusted to add wind and cloud cover or brought up to full to simulate rain or snow.

The greatest benefit of our real time Sun Study is that it helps you better understand the impact of natural lighting on your design. Our weather simulation can also be used to simulate the visual effect of precipitation on your project. The rain also reacts to solid objects or the lack thereof, visually exposing any substantial gaps in your design and letting you check for improperly modeled, or, in some cases, completely omitted objects such as skylights.

GIS Data Support

Your design can be further enhanced by adding in location context. With this added GIS data added, you can discover when and where your surroundings will cast shadows on your project, altering your daylight conditions.

When Sun Study and Weather Simulation are used in conjunction with GIS Data, they help to better understand how your surroundings affect sunlight and weather on your project. It also exposes how your project's design affect its surroundings.

An example utilization of Fuzor's Sun Study can be found in museum skylight design to balance the impact of natural light and shadow. For the best viewing experience, exhibit halls should ideally be naturally lit. However, for preservation reasons, sunlight cannot fall directly on the artwork. By utilizing the Sun Study ability, skylight positions can be shifted and designs adapted to conform to the above criteria all year long.