Screenshots, Transparency, and 360 Panoramics

Capturing your scene is simple yet powerful with Fuzor's screenshot capabilities. Take screenshots with your existing render settings in multiple selectable sizes, or input your own custom size and resolution. If you have saved views stored in your project, Fuzor can use those saved views with your screenshot settings to output multiple selected screenshots.

Screenshot Transparency

You can also alpha out your screenshot background and overlay your project onto any image. Fuzor's screenshot transparency capabilities are currently being used in conjunction with our beautification tools to demonstrate to stakeholders the future look of their investmentwithin the actual site context.

360 Panoramic Screenshots

Fuzor also provides the ability to take a 360 panoramic screenshot that can be loaded into our Mobile app. When output to the 360 panoramic screenshot, clients and stakeholders can view their project in full render fidelity on their mobile devices. By placing viewers into the project space on mobile, they can feel more connected to the project without needing to be connected to a desktop graphics machine.

Additionally, the 360 panoramic screenshot render adds an immersive experience that can be easily delivered via download or e-mail.