Real Time Beautification and Render Options

Real Time Material Changes

With Fuzor's built-in Material Editor you can freely switch between any and all materials currently in your project. The Material Editor also gives you the power to modify material properties as well as change materials across all object instances. Additionally, you can quickly create new materials with texture, bump and cutout properties.

By bringing in all of your materials directly from your authoring file and making them accessible and editable, Fuzor streamlines the beautification process. Materials no longer need to be removed, re-mapped, and re-tuned.

Real Time Lighting Changes

Your project's lighting properties are also made accessible inside of Fuzor. Adjust light intensity and temperature for visual effect as well. You can also modify all other imported properties to simulate specific light properties which can then be ported back into your authoring software using our Bi-directional Live Link.

For projects without a lighting, Fuzor can create and place display lights which can be modified like your project's imported lighting. Your lighting changes can be visually represented with the Light Visualization Map render mode, showing where and on what light is concentrated . This can also be used in conjunction with Fuzor's Sun Study feature to display the added effect of sunlight.

The easy to use lighting controls let anyone, not just light rendering specialists, edited project light settings, and these settings can be adjusted at any time without re-rendering your project file. The Light Visualization Map allows you to visually analyze the effect of both your lighting plan and sunlight on the project surroundings, helping you to evenly or artistically distribute your lighting coverage and mitigate hot spots.

Customizable Skybox

To add a backdrop to your render, Fuzor also lets you load custom skybox images.

The customizable skybox image also provides a way to add context and feel to your project, and the render control selections and sliders make tuning the finished render simple and intuitive.

Render Controls

Finally, for the finishing touch Fuzor's Render Controls let you alter the global look of your project. Switch between different render modes including our "Museum Box" mode for a texture-free look and feel. You can also change properties including zoom, focus, apperture, saturation, global illumination settings and more, to tune your project's overall feel.

Our clients use our render settings and real-time material and lighting controls to produce beautiful renders. These renders have been used for everything from client reviews to marketing and distribution. Additionally, the settings persist in real time, letting you travel your project with the same render fidelity as your produced screenshots.

Water Adjustments

Fuzor water is customizable to best suit water features in the context of your model. Presets for ocean, pool, murky, and reflection pool water are available as a base to choose from according to your model needs. Now you can customize the surrounding water front to give your clients a sense of realism. Everything from water color, wave animation and more is adjustable to better produce videos and screenshots.

Water Color