Bi-Directional Live Link

Fuzor's Bi-directional Live Link actively connects you to your authoring software. Changes you make in your authoring software automatically update in Fuzor. If you make changes in Fuzor, you can selectively synchronize your changes back to your authoring software.

Fuzor's bi-directionality is unique to Fuzor. We are the only product that provides the ability to send changes back to your authoring software. While designs are traditionally made in 2D for the purposes of documentation, 2D design workflows lack spatial context. This can lead issues such as overcrowding or empty space.

Live Link's bi-directionality solves this issue by correlating design changes back an forth between 2D views and 3D space, letting you design freely in both. As an added bonus, turnaround time is reduced by removing the need to recreate your 3D changes and constantly re-export the project to 3D.

Our clients regularly use our Live Link to check their design configurations spatially, then instantly update their designs and check again. They also use this in conjunction with our VR capabilities to truly experience the space and let their clients do the same. If the client requests a change, VR Operator Mode lets you make those changes instantly in front of them. Once reviewed and finalized, the sync-back is used to send the changes back to the authoring file for documentation.

Bi-directionality is supported for Revit, ARCHICAD, and Rhino.