Family Object Placement Library and Customizable Design Options

Family Object Placement Library

Fuzor adds all family objects in your model into your project's Family Object Placement Library. From here any object can be placed into your project and sync'd back to your authoring software for documentation and archival purposes using our Bi-directional Live Link.

Imported FBX and SketchUp files can also be added to the library for easy access, and the library can be saved out and imported into other Fuzor projects.

With Fuzor's Family Object Placement library, your project's family objects are easily accessible for 3D design work, making option arrangement more intuitive and less cumbersome than creating options in your authoring software. Also, by saving out the library and importing it into another Fuzor project, you can rapidly prototype different designs using objects are not currently available in that project.

Our clients have utilize the Family Object Placement Library for spatial design work and prototyping. By exporting a Fuzor Family Library file, they can quickly prototype using objects from their own personalized Fuzor libraries.

Customizable Design Options

You can also create and store any number of design options and sets within Fuzor and freely switch between them. Visible objects can be quickly added into one or more of your design options. Design options remember objects, material changes, and different positioning configurations. When used in conjunction with the Family Object Placement Library, newly placed objects can be added directly into your active option.

Design Options have been used to prototype and propose multiple options to their clients. When used in conjunction with VR Operator Mode, these design options can be swapped out instantly right before their clients' eyes in VR space.

Design Option 1

Design Option 2

Design Option 3

Design Option 4