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4D Scheduling Interoperability

Fuzor VDC lets you actively link together multiple disciplines and project files with various scheduling formats to streamline your 4D productivity. Bring in project file files from common authoring tools including: Revit, ARCHICAD, Rhino, Navisworks, Sketchup, 3DS, FBX, and PTS and FARO point cloud files. Then connect them with your imported XML schedules from Primavera P6, MS Project, and Asta Powerproject and Navisworks XML and CSV files.

You can also merge in design and schedule changes without needing to reassign task objects, and make field changes to your imported P6 schedule which can be output back to Primavera. If you don't have scheduling software, Fuzor lets you create your own schedule, complete with task heriarchy controls and custom data columns.

Fuzor's schedule interoperability lets you immediately connect your project files with widely used scheduling formats without going through a complex importation process. Fuzor also merges in design and schedule changes without forcing you to redo your object assignments. This not only saves you time but improves project clarity by ensuring that all project modifications are represented with minimal to no delay.

Lets say you are a general contractor trying to turn your project files into a 4D sequence. You receive Revit files from the architect, Navisworks files from your HVAC, plumbing, and electrical subcontractors and a site file from your lanscape sub. IN house you have created a schedule in Primavera P6. You import all of your project files into Fuzor to create a federated model, then export your P6 schedule to XML and load that into Fuzor. Utilizing Fuzor's CMS filtering and Auto-Sorting capabilities, you assign all of your objects to their associated tasks.

Later on down the line a constructability issue forces the redesign of one section of your project. You have the new project files, but not the time to redo your 4D sequence, and the owner wants an update on how the new changes will be implemented. What do you do?

With Fuzor, you simply merge in the changes. Fuzor recognizes new positions and resizes, updating the object information without disconnecting objects from your 4D tasks. Once the project files are updated, simply hide all currently assigned objects and assign all remaining new objects, then output your file to a 4D video or a 4D Viewer.