4D Safety Planning

Fuzor VDC provides the tools to plan and validate your site safety. Visually represent existing plans or prototype new ones using our built-in equipment. Then add them into your schedule. Fuzor VDC also provides fast placement capabilities for long runs of equipment like site fencing, k-rail and plastic barriers, and safety cones, letting you path out and modify your safety equipment to block off hazard zones and secure your site.

Site safety is a major concern on any project, but due of the temporary and changeable nature of safety plans they are normally represented only on 2D drawings, which can make it difficult to account for terrain and site conditions. Fuzor VDC provides visual correlation for your safety plans while allowing for 3D plan design. Additionally, when used in conjunction with our 4D VR, safety plans can also be designed to adapt for time and the building process.

Let's look at an example of site safety planning used in conjunction with 4D VR viewing. A below-grade section of a certain project was scheduled to begin structural installation alongside several other above-grade structural installations. Due to the small size of the below-grade section and view obstruction by other concurrent 4D activities, the safety issue caused by the below-grade section was easily overlooked.

When explored in first person in VR, however, the section immediately presented an obvious and dangerous fall hazard that had not been accounted for in the initial safety plan. The question, then, was what to do about it? The answer was simple. Open up the VR menu and begin placing hazard markers to designate a tie-off zone. Once the markers had been placed, they were then added into the 4D schedule to appear when the issue became apparent and disappear after the section's on-grade deck had been poured.

This was then pushed out for distribution to the project teams to increase awareness of the safety issue, and the markers were later replaced by temporary chain link fencing.