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Auto-Assign Objects and Isolate Unassigned Objects for Fast 4D Simulation

Auto-Assign Objects to Tasks

Fuzor VDC's Combined Matrix System (CMS) gives you the power to auto-assign objects directly to tasks. Take advantage of your objects' custom parameters to automatically filter objects into all of your schedule tasks using specific schedule column callouts. Assign objects to tasks based on ID, Task Name, and Custom Column values. For any items that remain unassigned.

Construction models can consist of thousands upon thousands of individual objects that need to be sorted into various tasks to create a 4D sequence. This can prove time consuming if objects are individually sorted, so designers and contractors alike build custom parameters into their authoring file objects to sort by.

That said, other programs that provide their own limited sorting capabilities require multiple steps to set up 4D schedules for auto-sorting. With Fuzor the process is as simple as calling out the custom parameter, telling Fuzor what column to match, and clicking a button. Fuzor will automatically check the search criteria against all objects project-wide and automatically assign them to their associated tasks.

Fuzor's auto-sorting has been used to create simple 4D sequences in under 15 minutes and large complex sequences in less than a day. Parameters can easily be applied project-wide in Revit and populated with the necessary project information, whether it be task names, task IDs, or specific sorting data. The applied information then transfers to Fuzor on project load and can be sorted into tasks using any of the applicable columns to match, including custom columns which can be populated via CSV or manually in Fuzor. Any remaining objects that have not been given a custom parameter value can then be isolated for box or other selection using Fuzor's other Combined Matrix System selection capabilities.

Isolate Unassigned Objects

Even with auto-sorting, however, objects may still exist that have not been assigned a sorting parameter. With Fuzor's Unassigned Object Isolation, assigned objects will be hidden, giving you easier access to these remaining objects. These can then be quickly separated and assigned to new or existing tasks.

Selection Sets

Selection sets allow you to create custom groups of objects that can be selected with a single button. When animating a vehicle there are hundreds of moveable parts. Accelerate animation workflow using selection sets to select and animate any portion of a vehicle in one click.

Create custom layers for FBX or sketchup models to better organize your model. Use these layers to help assign objects to schedule tasks and accelerate your 4Dworkflow.