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Highly Detailed 4D Anmation

In a field as complex as construction, detail is king. Fuzor VDC lets you add high levels of detail into your 4D simulation with our various 4D animation options. Apply different task and animation styles to convey the type of build process being shown, whether your objects are being poured, flown in, demolished or temporarily placed. Imported and existing tasks can quickly be switched between normal, demolition, vehicle, and temporary tasks.

With Fuzor you can create levels of detail that can't be found anywhere outside of expensive third party renders, and our 4D animations adapt with your project, saving the time and hassle of re-animating your 4D sequence with every design and schedule change.

Stagger Animation

For more complex processes, Fuzor VDC offers built in Stagger Animation capabilities to help you convey build direction and specify build sequence. The greatest benefits of Fuzor's 4D is the ability to add detail without destroying your schedule. Staggering is done by groups instead of the traditional method of splitting a task into multiple tasks and individually assigning objects.

Equipment Animation with Multi-Grab and Custom Multi-Release

To simplify the animation process and simulate equipment activity, Fuzor VDC also includes fully articulated construction equipment. Our fully articulated equipment grants you the ability to create intuitive keyframed animations without needing to be an animator or a programmer. Customizable animations can be applied to all our equipment to add realism and demonstrate function, and our equipment also has the ability to grab and release multiple objects as well as drop them to custom locations.

Staging Tasks

You can also insert Staging Tasks to create custom laydown areas for stockpile drop-offs and material grab locations. Staged objects will appear in the staged position upon task start and return to their original positions at task finish if they have not already been placed. Staging tasks are useful to model, simulate and demonstrate your site logistics.

Add Laborers to 4D

Additionally, Fuzor VDC lets you assign laborers to your schedule. Our Animated Worker downloadable content pack lets you simulate work shifts and active disciplines. This functionality also works with our standard content library, letting you add life to your project and simulate the fully active site in the post-completion state.