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5D Cost Tracking

Starting in Fuzor 2018, we have added 5D cost tracking and resource management. Create custom Material and Labor resources. Add hourly rates to labor and vehicles. Add resources and quantities to tasks for automated cost calculations, or manually enter your costs as lump sums. Then view your current accumulated project value on or interactive cost graph.

Fuzor's 5D cost tracking continues Fuzor's trend of a unified project workflow. Fuzor automatically calculates costs based on your tasks' applied resources and vehicle hourly rates. It also provides a visual indicator for clients as to the current and potential value of their investment.

Users can create their own Labor and Material resources with hourly and unit costs. Once created those resources can be applied to tasks to create projected cost estimates that can be delivered to stakeholders for bids and updates.

If costs have already been established, such as through the bid process, users can enter those lump sums. By displaying the cost graph, stakeholders can see how much value has accumulated during the course of construction. These costs can also be compared against inputted actual costs to see how the project is faring against the planned budget.