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4D Planned vs. Actual

Fuzor lets you enter in your construction actual dates alongside your schedule estimates. Once entered, you can toggle between viewing your planned values and your current progress. You can also view your simulations side by side on their own independent windows. For distribution purposes, the Planned vs. Actual can also be exported to split-screen cinematic video.

Fuzor's Planned vs. Actual viewing lets you visually gage your construction progress. This can also be used to explore the impacts of changes in sequence by displaying what has been installed against what has not and help you better plan for remaining tasks.

By visualizing the comparison of planned against actual progress, you can see how far behind or ahead of schedule you are. In addition you can determine if changes in sequence have led to any potential delays due to currently incomplete sections. You can also determine if this will impact your site logistics in terms of equipment access and disruption of external activities, then output this to a format that is easily understandable by project stakeholders so that you can pose your solutions.