Cinematics and Interactive VR Video


Fuzor lets you create Fly Through and Walk Through videos using our incorporated cinematic production capabilities.

Fuzor's incorporated Walk Through and Fly Through Cinematic production capabilities let you create high quality videos without needing to learn high end video editing software or techniques. Additionally, the Walk Through video is unique to Fuzor and helps communicate spatial awareness unlike any other video render.

With the MP4 output, your video files can be instantly upload to online sites like YouTube, and are ready for immediate playback on any system. And because Fuzor renders to video using our own proprietary engine, render time is fast.

With Walk Through video, track and record your avatar's walking path, remembering camera zoom and direction. With Fly Through video, create and record a keyframed flight path. Keyframes will remember animation states, scene effects, customizable captions and more. In addition, Fuzor VDC lets you keyframe your 4D animation sequence times to create a high detail 4D render complete with optional schedule, cost, and date information overlays.

Our clients use our cinematic render capabilities to convey not only the look but the feel of the project. By using the Walk Through render and having the avatar visible, our clients can better illustrate the spacing of their designs. This can also be used to convey the scale of activities in a 4D video. Also, with the ease and speed of our Fly Through Cinematic render, our clients have increased their video turnaround time.

Interactive VR Video

Finally, for added utility, Walk Through and Fly Through the motion paths can be saved out and brought into our Interactive VR Video mode to take you on a hands-free guided tour of your project.

And with the Interactive VR Video capabilities, our clients have turned Walk Through and Fly Through videos into immersive Walk Through and Fly Through experiences.

Automatic 4D Video Generation

Generating a 4D video is fast and easy in Fuzor. Create the 4D video directly from your schedule in one-click and you're ready to render your video in seconds.