Real Time Peer-to-Peer Collaboration

Fuzor's real time Peer-to-Peer Collaboration allows multiple parties to simultaneously immerse themselves within the same project to discuss issues and options. Join a real time collaboration session with any version of Fuzor or host a session with Fuzor Ultimate or Fuzor VDC. As a guest in Tour Guide Mode, you will follow along as your host guides you around the project. As the host, your attendees will be tethered to your avatar while you guide them through the project, highlighting key points of interest.

The host can then switch to Free Roaming and grant guests the freedom to openly explore the project with their own avatars. Avatars are viewable by everyone in the session. For for easy communication, Fuzor provides a chat window and overhead chat bubbles. Attendees can also place callout markers to highlight points of interest. To more easily converge and collaborate on an issue, attendees can click on a name in the roster and instantly move to that attendee avatar's location.

If the host or an attendee poses a design change or suggestion, the session host can actively make those changes and that guests can see them happening in real time. Annotations are also centralized so that all attendees can view and save them for later use, and upon completion of the session a report can be generated of the chat history and annotations.

Finally, for large projects, files can be sent in advance and loaded locally rather than downloading them from the host.

Fuzor's unique real time Peer to Peer Collaboration takes away the complication of distance in collaboration meetings and helps to expedite the design and review process. With the power of Fuzor's patented engine technology, the number of session guests is limitless.

One of our largest clients, Gensler, has used our real-time Peer-to-Peer Collaboration capabilities to host weekly "VR Jam" review sessions across multiple offices. In its inception, the VR Jam started with only a few offices. Since that time it has grown to over 100 offices connected internationally. Their offices meet together to review ongoing design projects, conduct issue resolution, and discuss new ventures.