Light Report Generation with IES Data

Fuzor Lighting Report lets you analyze your lighting plan output based upon your authoring file's lighting parameters. The Lighting Report then outputs the results into an easy to read color-coded PNG format. Lighting adjustments can then be made on a single light or an entire family of lights using Fuzor's dynamic lighting controls, and these changes will be reflected in the generated reports. For your advanced lighting design needs, Fuzor also imports your IES data for more accurate lighting reports as well as for better visualization of light distribution.

Lighting reports are useful to understand your lighting intensity, distribution, efficiency, and how your lighting plan affects and is affected by the surroundings. Lighting reports help pinpoint hot spots, gaps in coverage and help to design for lighting emphasis. Often, however, photometric analysis software is difficult to learn and can be high in price. With Fuzor we include Light Report capabilities and make them easy to use and understand.

Our clients use our light reports to design for proper coverage and ambiance. This addresses not only aesthetic concerns but health concerns as well. On the aesthetic spectrum, interior lighting plans can be adjusted based on the light report to add comfort lighting in dark areas or emphasize architectural elements or prominent objects. From the health aspect, the light reports identify gaps in lighting coverage that can pose health risks.