Height and Safety Clearance Analysis

Fuzor's Height Clearance checks for vertical clearance issues based on selected or created room bounds. You can set your check height and grid spacing. You can also set your minimum threshold to ignore any gaps below a certain height. Safety Clearance checks for edge fall-off hazards - allowing for barriers and fall thresholds - then graphically displays the calculated hazard locations. Both of these checks include report generation capability.

Fuzor's Height and Safety Clearance checks address overhead clearance and fall safety concerns. These are common concerns that occur during the construction review and construction processes. Fuzor is the only software that delivers these analysis tools.

Imagine you have just completed all of your clash checks and resolved all outstanding clash issues, You are ready to begin overhead system installation, but one of your team members raises the concern that some of the adjusted pipework falls below the level of the drop ceiling clearance. You wonder how often this occurs? With Fuzor you run a Height Clearance check and locate every instance where this occurs.

Now imagine you are in the construction phase. You want to generate a safety plan to determine areas that require tie-offs for fall safety. With Fuzor's Safety Clearance you can quickly visually locate and report on major fall-off risks and plan accordingly.