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Combined Matrix System Advanced Filter/Search Technology

Fuzor's Combined Matrix System (or "CMS") streamlines object selection and sorting by letting you filter and select objects based on your project's imported BIM parameters.

For project-wide selection, the CMS lets you instantly grab all of a selected object's type at that object's project level. You can also select all instances of that object. The CMS also populates general filters with common criteria pulled from your project file, making it possible to quickly sort by source document, level, and category.

For more complex selections, the Parameter search lets you grab objects based on any and all available object parameters and parameter values. The custom parameter search can also be utilized to automatically filter objects into schedule tasks. To learn more about auto-assignment of objects to schedule tasks, click here.

The CMS can be accessed externally through the Construction Filter Manager as well as directly from your construction tasks for additional control.

Custom Project Calendar

Calendars created in Primavera P6, Microsoft Project and ASTA Powerproject are supported in Fuzor's 4D simulation. 4D simulations accurately play during working days and pause on non working days. Tasks assigned to different calendars are easily sorted for tracking subcontractors and contractor responsibilities.

If the projects were not available in your schedule, create Project calendars directly in Fuzor. Choose the days to set working hours, nonworking days and exception days for Holidays or additional working days. Assign the new calendars to the appropriate tasks and the animations will play according to the new calendar for a more accurate 4D simulation.

Construction Zoning

Large project sites are regularly broken up into construction zones. This facilitates simultaneous or sequential build processes and helps organize and determine site logistics. Manually separating objects into these zones in 4D, however, can be a tedious untertaking.

To both ease and accelerate this, Fuzor lets you establish construction zones in your project. This adds new Zoning filters that can be used to refine object selection to the specified zones.

CMS Template

We know your object filters will be similar from project to project. With Fuzor's CMS Template system you can save out and import your project filters into additional projects. This lets you can transfer your standardized sorting parameters from project to project so that you don't have to continuously recreate them.

By utilizing your project's imported BIM parameters Fuzor's CMS saves you the hassle of manually separating objects individually into tasks. On top of this, our added filter capabilities like our Parameter Search and Custom Construction Zoning give you the power to create detailed sequences fast. Our clients have used our CMS sorting to create complex 4D sequences in very short amounts of time. This is especially useful on projects that have included special parameters. This is also useful for creating 4D sequences on projects with schedules that are still in their early stages, such as during the bid process.