Interactive 2D Viewsheets

Interactive 2D Viewsheet with Room Color

While 2D Viewsheets are still how the AEC industry views everything, designing in 3D is quickly becoming more commonplace as we transition into a new generation that has grown up on gaming. Fuzor's 2D Interactive viewsheet provides the visual correlation that bridges the divide between traditional 2D and modern 3D workflows, letting you review your project side by side in 2D and 3D. Facilitate the understanding of your project layout with false room coloration on your 2D viewsheet. Select objects and make adjustments from both the 2D viewsheet and 3D view. Set color overrides and change visibility options and watch your Fuzor 2D viewsheet respond instantly.

Automatic 2D Position Tracking

Automatically track your position in your 3D project on the interactive 2D viewsheet so you know exactly where you are. Switch between your project's existing floor, reflected ceiling and elevation views for a better reference. Automatic 2D Position Tracking gives you a working understanding of your immediate surroundings.

2D / 3D Validation Viewing

Fuzor also provides combined viewing with our validation tools. Run validation and analysis tools like clash detection, height clearance and edge clearance and instantly display your results side by side in 2D and 3D. You can also play or scrub through your 4D animation, and watch as your 2D viewsheet actively displays your progress.

2D Viewsheet Creation

If a functional plan view does not exist, you can manually create your own custom 2D floor, ceiling and elevation views. Select your plan view type, name it, and use the 2D viewsheet to orient and activate you cut line. Created viewsheets will automatically be added to the selectable viewsheets by category.

For designers who often create design layouts from a 2D overhead capacity, Fuzor's Interactive Viewsheet connects their traditional workflow to their 3D model through the 2D object movement and selection capabilities. For those in the construction field, whose daily tasks are governed by the traditional 2D workflow, the interactive viewsheet helps them connect more easily with 3D design models and their associated findings such as clashes and clearances.