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VR Scale Mode

Scale Mode lets you view your model in VR from a scaled-down perspective. Select from a list of a preset scales or manually zoom in and out of your project with your VR hand-held controllers. You can also teleport back down to any part of your project at a 1 to 1 scale.

Scale mode helps you to better understand your project's scope and spatial interrelationships in an interactive sense. When placed in context, Scale Mode lets you see how your project impacts the surrounding area as well as how the surroundings impact your project. On large complex projects, it also helps you to reference where you are and lets you place yourself down where you want to be at scale.

Scale mode has been used for fast accurate transport across large scale projects. It has also been used to get a site-level project overview. Scale Mode can be used in conjunction with other VR tools. When used with 3D VR Mark-ups, scale mode can create large-scale 3D sketches of proposed buildings and other objects. Once created, these mark-up sketches can be viewed from a 1 to 1 scale to better understand the proposed scope. Scale Mode can also be used with 4D navigation to provide a full site understanding of construction traffic and activities.