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VR Creator Mode

Creator mode lets you create basic shapes and systems within your VR environment. You can model basic objects such as spheres, boxes and cylinders, then move them into place. You can also model connected systems such as duct work and piping. Within Creator Mode you also have access to VR free-camera navigation.

Creator Mode allows for quick prototyping and representation of objects, equipment and systems within the context of your project. This saves you the time and trouble of having to prototype within the constraints of your authoring software. With VR Free Camera Mode active, your prototype models can be built anywhere and span multiple floors and buildings without needing to switch between authoring files and levels.

With Creator Mode, you can quickly test how new systems such as piping and duct work will fit within the project before starting into the actual design. You can also screenshot the prototype system and send it to your subcontractor or colleague for feedback and suggestions.

Client suggestions can also be prototyped and shown on the fly to provide a simple demonstration of their request. The details of the prototype can then be discussed - such as positioning, size and so on - before a detailed model is created, streamlining the design and approval process. Creator Mode can also be used for conflict resolution. Pipe and duct redirection can be quickly modeled and discussed before any actual redesign takes place.