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View Analysis

Fuzor's View Analysis determines object coverage in a chosen line of sight including foliage and water. This function can be utilized for both design and valuing purposes. For design purposes, View Analysis can determine if objects that have been intentionally hidden or highlighted are visible. It can also be used to determine price value based on object visibility.

View Analysis provides a unique capability that no other product does, combining subjective reasoning with objective analysis. With View Analysis you can analytically check your project for aesthetic appeal. You can also apply monetary value to views based on those same results.

To better illustrate this, lets look at a few different scenarios:

  •   Case 1:   A hotel owner is building a new multi-story facility. The project files include a model of the adjacent lake and golf course. By applying view analysis to the building's window family, the owner can raise or lower their room rates based on how much of the lake and golf course are visible.
  •   Case 2:   A theme park is building a new addition. Several large pieces of the back lot need to be obscured from public view by a large facade. With view analysis you can create specific views from guests' eye-level perspective and determine if the intended effect of hiding the backlot has been successful.