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Saved Camera Views

Fuzor imports your Revit camera views and lets you snap your own. Fuzor saved camera views remember your settings including time of day, visibility options, color and transparency overrides and and render modes. You can even select specific camera views and create screenshots of those views directly from the Saved Camera Views interface. In addition saved views will also remember active design options, and will transfer into any generated viewers.

Fuzor saved views do more than remember a camera angle. By remembering your settings they let you stage specific scenarios. This makes it easier to return to or switch between different locations and setups.

Lets say for validation purposes you want to be able to quickly switch between your full project and a specific visibility setup. You create a saved view of your fully visible project, then isolate the structural steel members, HVAC and ducting and snap another saved view. By clicking your saved views you can switch back and forth between your two scenarios.

The same can be said on the design side. By snapping saved views with differing times of day, active design options, and render modes, you can establish the right look for each of your scenarios. Once these are established you can generate a viewer of your file and let your clients view your proposed scenarios.