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2D and 3D Projected Media

Fuzor lets you project 2D images and videos onto any project surface. Draw out a projection area with a few quick clicks and add 2D image and video displays. For a more versatility and flexibility you can project your media onto any number of chosen 3D surfaces.

With 2D Media assignment you can simulate multiple functional media displays with speed and ease. With 3D Media Projection you can go a step beyond, applying your media to non-linear surfaces without needing to know how to program.

Lets say you have a client presentation coming up. The project you are proposing is a museum style facility boasting several video screens, interactive displays with touch pad monitors, several other educational video screens, a jumbotron, and to top it off upstairs is the planetarium. How do you convey to the client the full effect of your project's design? With 2D media you can quickly add multiple video displays with various videos to all of your screened surfaces from touch pads to TVs. Next, use 3D Projected Media to add a star field projection to the planetarium dome.

Finally, for the big sell, drop your client into VR and let them explore their fully detailed investment.