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Entourage and Vehicle Placement

Fuzor lets you populate your project with pedestrians and vehicles. Our animated entourage can be placed in both standing and seated positionsas well as placed onto created editable paths. Vehicles can be similarly placed in parked positions or added to paths.

Fuzor's entourage and vehicles grant you the ability to populate your project as well as simulate foot and vehicle traffic. Unlike other software Fuzor lets you create editable paths that dictate the direction and route of travel. This lets you create comparable scenarios for your project that mimic real usage.

Our clients leverage our entourage and vehicle placement for presentation purposes to populate their projects. This provides for a more active experience both outside and inside of VR. Clients also utilize this function to examine pedestrian interaction through open spaces, hallways, on staircases and the like, then design or redesign accordingly to accommodate for space and access.