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Customizable Animation and Particle Effects

Fuzor grants the ability to add particle effects to your project. Available particle effects include fire, smoke water spouts, and fountain effects. Fuzor also allows for the addition of custom rotation and translation effects to any object. Select the part to be animated, adjust your animation parameters and apply, then right click to animate. Animation effects will translate across all object instances, letting you create a single detailed animation that will be usable on all others of the same object.

When a design project is presented to a client, they want to see what their future investment will look like. Ideally, they would like to experience what it would be like when the project is fully active. Fuzor's customizable animations and particle effects deliver the feel of functionality by creating the motions and visuals that we as human beings have come to expect in given circumstances. What is a fire pit without a fire? Should a fountain be bare and without water? Should the fan blades be turning?

Our clients make use of our custom animations and particle effects to deliver that feeling of function. By placing a fire in a fire pit it transmits a sense of function. Adding smoke to chimneys also conveys the feel the project in use. Adding water effects to a fountain relays its purpose. Adding spinning fan fan blade animations to ceiling fans and windmills helps to push the feel of functionality. All of this together helps deliver the experience of a finished project before it is ever built.