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Make changes back and forth between Fuzor and your authoring software.

Make changes back and forth between Fuzor and your authoring software.

Bi-directional Live-Link

Fuzor supports multiple formats to maximize interoperability.


Modify existing materials and create new ones; make real time lighting adjustments.

Real Time Material and Light Editing

Visualize the effect of light on your project with Fuzor's Light Visualization Map render mode.

Light Visualization Map

Freely place your project's family objects, or import object libraries from other Fuzor projects.

Family Object Placement Library

Create and store design options and option sets within Fuzor and switch between them instantly.

Customizable Design Options

Landscape with over 200 species of foliage with seasons and tree growth.

Foliage with Seasons and Tree Growth

Create a path or mark out an area and instantly populate it with plant life.

Foliage Fast Placement

Change render modes and fine tune your project's look.

Render Controls

Add 2D video displays to any surface or project your media onto chosen 3D surfaces.

2D and 3D Media Projections

Customize your avatar for both look and function including child, vehicle, and wheelchair modes.

Avatar Customization and Wheelchair

Populate your project with vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Entourage and Vehicles

Determine the amount of object visibility in a chosen line of sight.

View Analysis

Modify wind and weather for atmospheric effects and validation purposes.

Weather Simulation

Add point cloud data to validate your model against existing conditions.

Point Cloud Support

Import your Revit camera views as well as snap your own.

Saved Camera Views

Load in a custom skybox background to add atmosphere and context to your project.

Customizable Skybox

Render out a 360 panoramic in Fuzor for mobile viewing.

360 Panoramic Screenshot

Remove your screenshot background and overlay it onto another image for added context.

Screenshot Transparency

Add customizable audio effects to your project to provide a more immersive experience.

Audio Effects

Review your project side by side in 2D and 3D complete with room colorization.

Interactive 2D Viewsheet with Room Color

Create customized door, rotation and translation animations and generate particle effects.

Customizable Animations and Particle Effects