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Fuzor Virtual Design Construction (VDC)  is engineered for design-build and construction professionals. Fuzor VDC provides intuitive 4D scheduling and animation functionality and 2D-3D connectivity features while integrating Fuzor's VR capabilities and extensive host of design and analysis tools to streamline your construction workflow process.

Can you effectively manage your 4D workflow?

Fuzor delivers our unique solutions to your 4D workflow challenges:

Can you seamlessly apply objects directly into your 4D animation?

Assigning objects to 4D schedule tasks can be a time-consuming process. Leading practices involve applying custom fields to group project components, then adding those groups to each task. The challenge faced is how to seamlessly apply objects directly into your 4D animation. Fuzor VDC's Combined Matrix System gives you that power with our Direct-to-Task Auto-Assignment capability. Take advantage of your custom parameters and automatically filter objects into all of your schedule tasks, streamlining your 4D workflow and minimizing production time.

To learn more about Fuzor's 4D capabilities click here or continue on down the page.

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Can your 4D workflow keep up with both design and schedule changes?

Fuzor VDC lets you actively link together multiple disciplines and streamline your 4D productivity.

  • Bring in project file files from common authoring tools.
    •   Revit
    •   Archicad
    •   Rhino
    •   Navisworks
    •   Sketchup
    •   3DS
    •   FBX
    •   Point Cloud
  • Import XML schedules from widely used scheduling software or create your own schedule.
  • Quickly merge in both design and schedule changes without needing to reassign task objects.
  • Make field changes to your imported p6 schedule on the fly, then output that schedule back to Primavera and keep your schedulers in the loop.
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How do you make your 3D modelling data understandable to a 2D dominated construction field?

3D and 4D project models aid in the validation process by conveying spatial relationships that 2D viewsheets cannot provide. That question is: How do you convey your 3D findings to your teams in the field whose daily tasks are governed by the traditional 2D workflow? Fuzor VDC's interactive 2D viewsheets provide the answer.

  • Run your validation tools and instantly display your 3D data alongside the easy to understand 2D format.
  • Manually select from existing 2D viewsheets or create your own custom 2D floor, ceiling and elevation views.
  • Set color overrides and change visibility options and watch your Fuzor 2D viewsheet respond instantly
  • Activate your 2D viewsheet, play or scrub through your 4D animation, and watch as your viewsheet actively displays your progress.

2D / 3D Interoperability

Instantly view your 3D issues on a 2D view. Select objects and make adjustments from both the 2D viewsheet and 3D view. Use your visibility options to filter out unnecessary objects and focus only on the applicable systems.

Adjust from 2D or 3D View

Fully Detailed 2D and 3D Views

Visibility Overrides Active

2D Auto-Measurement

Actively track your 3D position in 2D and always know where you are. Switch between existing floor, reflected ceiling and elevation views, or manually create new 2D views.

Auto Level Tracking (Upper Floor)

Auto Level Tracking (Lower Floor)

Reflected Ceiling Plan in 2D

Elevation Plan in 2D

Combined Viewing with Validation and Analysis Tools

Making the connection between 3D analysis results and 2D viewsheet data can be a taxing mental challenge. Fuzor VDC overcomes this challenge in real time by combining our 2D viewsheet capabilities with our validation and analysis tools to quickly and clearly display your issues in 2D as you address them.

Height Clearance Low Beam

Clash Location - Structural vs. Piping

Clash Location - Piping vs. HVAC

Locate Safety Issues

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4D Construction Animation

4D animation is quickly becoming a staple of the construction industry, letting project stakeholders virtually experience the complete construction lifecycle process. Have a look and see how Fuzor VDC can simplify your 4D animation workflow.

Combined Matrix System

Objects routinely need to be sorted into project tasks using specific criteria such as Work Breakdown Schedules (WBS). The question is how to speed up object sorting and remove the need to manually add each object? Fuzor VDC's Combined Matrix System simplifies the process. Filter objects directly into your 4D tasks using existing project fields or custom search criteria, or tap into our Direct-to-Task Auto-Assignment capability and virtually automate 4D object assignment.

Document, Level, Category and Custom Parameter Searches

Separating out objects into 4D tasks is difficult enough on a single document, but what happens when you try applying 4D to a combined model? Fuzor VDC has the solution. Fuzor VDC's Combined Matrix System has the ability to assign items by document, level, category and custom search parameters, allowing users to associate objects with tasks without having to delve into each individual source document.

Construction Zoning

Project sites are often broken into construction zones to facilitate simultaneous or sequential build processes. Separating objects manually into these zones can be a tedious untertaking. Fuzor VDC saves you the hassle by letting you quickly establish custom created Construction Zones filters.

Applying Rule-based Sorting

Sorted Objects Applied to Task

Creating Construction Zones

Sorting by Construction Zones

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Does your 4D model properly illustrate your site's current and planned activity flow?

Representing the building process is only one part of 4D. With Fuzor VDC you have the power to create fully detailed simulations of your site activity.

Construction Vehicle and Equipment Placement and Pathing

Place vehicles and equipment and apply pathing to quickly and easily simulate job site traffic.

Pathing for Transit Mixer

Transit Mixer Applied to Path

Placing Bulldozer on Path

Bulldozer Added to Vehicle Task

Equipment Animation

Create custom animations designed to mimic your specific job site conditions and activity with our fully articulated construction equipment.

Animating Pump Truck Jacks

Animating Pump Truck Boom

Pump Truck in Action

Pump Truck Vehicle Simulation

Grab and Release Objects

Fuzor VDC also provides object grab and release capability to simulate detailed construction processes.
For a look at how this works, check out the YouTube video here.

Add Equipment to Schedule

Once you've completed your animations, apply your newly added vehicles to their own 4D tasks to create a functional job site simulation.

Structural Wall Pours

Site Structural Installation

Vehicles in Schedule

New Vehicles Appear

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Does your site safety planning fit into your 4D workflow?

Now that you have a fully active job site, does your site safety planning fit into your 4D workflow? Fuzor VDC provides the tools to make sure it does. Quickly prototype new safety plans as well as visually represent existing ones using our built-in equipment, then add them into your schedule using equipment tasks.

Fuzor also provides fast placement for site safety equipment letting you quickly path out and adjust fence lines, barriers and other safety equipment to block off hazard zones and create visual safety plans.

Barrier Fast Placement and Adjustment

Site Traffic Simulation

Chainlink Fence and Road Cones

Placing K-Rail

Placing Privacy Fence

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Splitting Geometry

Often times the design process does not accommodate the builder's needs, and large sections of the project end up being modelled as a single object. This makes splitting the object across multiple tasks difficult. With Split Geometry that is not an issue. Split large objects quickly and easily without needing to go back to your authoring tool.

Splitting Original Geometry

Newly Split Geometry

Multiple Splits

Center Split Selected


Like pipes, floors and concrete slabs, large equipment is often modeled as a single object, making it difficult to simulate installation. Fuzor's Dismantle ability solves that problem, letting you separate complex objects into individual parts for easy installation.

Equipment Modeled as Single Object

Dismantled Selection 1

Dismantled Selection 2

Added in Parts to Schedule

How do you convey your 4D model to project stakeholders?

Once you have your complete 4D jobsite up and ready, how do you convey your proposed schedule to project owners and other stakeholders? The answer is Fuzor VDC's 4D VR-ready Cleint Viewer.

  • Actively navigate the project as you would in Fuzor with our completely self-contained executable viewer (does not require Fuzor installation to run).
  • Control your 4D animation with the viewer timeline controls.
  • Don your Oculus or HTC Vive gear and watch your project build around you in full VR.
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