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Collaboration Server and Worksharing Collaboration

The Fuzor Collaboration Server is a separate software from Fuzor that provides a central storage and access to Fuzor project data and our Issue Tracking System. As an administrator, you can create users and projects on the server, and assign project access permissions for each users. All interactions with the server are done through the regular Fuzor application, and the Collaboration Server can be placed anywhere it is needed for security and accessibility.

To learn more about the Collaboration Server, click here.

Fuzor's Worksharing Collaboration utilizes our Collaboration Server to give multiple users the power to synchronize project changes to a central model. With the click of a button, any revisions made to the central model can be download directly into the user's current work. Fuzor also grants the option to pick and choose which changes to keep or discard. This provides truly parallel workflow, which can prove useful when coordinating with a large team.