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Annotation and Issue Tracking

To note and track design issues, Fuzor provides both Annotation and Issue Tracking capabilities.


Annotations can be made to any object in Fuzor, complete with management fields and attachments. Pen-style markups can also be made and created as annotation attachments. Annotations can then be saved out for portability and imported back into Fuzor or Revit / Archicad.

Unlike similar functions on other software, Fuzor's annotations are tied directly to the model itself, providing added functionality and information. In addition, our VR Annotation adds a whole new dimension to your markups, letting you sketch and propose issues and issue resolutions in 3D.

Issue Tracking

To centralize your issues for faster communication and resolution, Fuzor provides an issue tracker that is used in conjunction with our Collaboration Server. With the issue tracker, you can categorize and assign issues while staying connected to your live central model. Take snapshots, make mark-ups, add comments and more.

Fuzor's issue tracking and resolution tools are used to provide an interactive approach to markups and issue management. From the central annotation or issue tracker interface, issues can be selected to provide not only the issue information but also to relocate you directly to the point in that model where the issue resides rather than relying on a simple screenshot of it. This lets you explore the issue from all angles.

Annotations and issue tracking are accessible on both PC and Fuzor mobile.