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Section Cut and Visibility Controls

Fuzor's section cut and visibility controls let you quickly isolate sections and systems of your project. Fuzor supports section box cuts, multiple cut planes and adjustable automated cuts level. Planes can be created vertically, horizontally, or snap their orientation to any selected surface. Visibility controls also provide adjustments for transparency and color overrrides.

Section cuts and visibility controls allow for fast isolation and emphasis of different systems and objects. Object colors and transparency can be adjusted to highlighting or de-emphasize objects. This facilitates understanding of system interactions.

Lets say you want to see where your plumbing comes up through your walls. Using the transparency overrides, you can make a specific wall or all walls semi-transparent. You can also adjust color overrides for your plumbing to make it more visible.

Now lets say you want to view this for Level 2 only. By turning on section cuts you can manually isolate the second floor using the section box or multiple section planes, or simply select a specific level and adjust the offsets.