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Phase Filter Support

Design and construction projects often involve multiple phases. Sometimes old buildings will need to be demolished to make way for new construction. Other times sections of the old structure may even end up being reused. On other projects, a part of an old building may remain for a time while the new building is going up. These are designated in the phase settings in your authoring software.

The Phase Filter ties together all of your project's phasing settings. By adjusting the phase filter you determine which objects should display and how. Fuzor reads all of your project's phasing information and brings it over with your project so that you can adjust your phase filter as you would inside your authoring software.

With Phase Filtering, users can quickly isolate the portion of the project they are currently working for added clarity, just as they would in their authoring software. Because Fuzor imports all the phasing data, users do not have to go back to their authoring software to switch filters. In addition, the Phase Filters can be used in conjunction with 4D task assignment to speed up the 4D simulation process.

Our clients use Fuzor's Phase Filter functionality to switch back and forth between their preset design phases without having to connect with their authoring document. Phase Filter isolation can be utilized for both design clarification as well as construction validation and analysis.