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CCTV System Design and Simulation

Fuzor provides CCTV importation, design, and simulation capabilities. Import your CCTV array from your authoring tools. Adjust camera direction and hardware options and instantly view the results. If no CCTV system is present, you can set up and simulate your own complete security camera array within Fuzor. Choose from our three standard camera types: small, large and dome. Place your cameras where needed, then enter CCTV mode and review and adjust your coverage. In addition, cameras can also be sync'd back to your authoring software to update your record documents.

Security is becoming an ever more present concern in today's designs. Fuzor's CCTV simulation is the only tool that addresses these design concerns. CCTV system design can be a cumbersome task through your authoring software and doesn't provide a direct means of validation. Fuzor provides both a means to test your current CCTV array designs as well as to modify and/or create your own.

CCTV simulation is being used by our clients on many different projects. Project types include custom security fence and camera array designs, schools, prisons and airports. The possible applications are endless.