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About Us

Our Goal...

Here at Kalloc Studios, developers of Fuzor, we know that your project begins before visualization and continues on beyond project approval, so we set out to develop the complete project lifecycle solution. Our goal is to bring you cutting edge solutions to your project needs wherever you may be in the project lifecycle process. Whether you're just beginning the design phase, in the middle of the validation and analysis phase or heading into the construction phase, Fuzor has a solution for you.

Fuzor was born out of our proprietary game engine technology and specifically tailored to the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry. That means Fuzor is more than just adapted to meet your needs, it's fully devoted to the task, and we're not afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to creating new and innovative solutions to your real-world problems. With Fuzor, our aim is to unify the building process from start to finish and beyond, and with technology improving in leaps and bounds the solutions we can create are limitless.

A Quick History...

Kalloc Studios was founded as a gaming company in Vista, California in 2006 by Henry Yu. Henry wanted to create an atmosphere where gamers could come together and create exciting new titles while developing cutting edge technologies, and he succeeded in doing just that. In 2011 Kalloc Studios was invited to Siggraph for a course on "Filtering Approaches for Real-Time Anti-Aliasing." In 2012 the Studio's "Kalloc Engine" was awarded a Gold Medal at Geneva Inventions for its Live Update System. Then in 2013 the Kalloc Engine's Live Update System was expanded to work with Autodesk Revit and given the name Fuzor, and Kalloc Studios stepped into the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction Industry.